Who are Liquid Labs WA?

Liquid Labs WA is an independent NATA Accredited Construction Materials Testing Laboratory based in Perth Western Australia operating in compliance with ISO 17025 and ISO 9001.

Our Principle aim is to provide the civil construction, mining and resources industries ongoing support and effectual outcomes resultant from our testing services. We intend on achieving this by supplying our customers detailed, knowledge based testing and reporting services. Retaining skilled and versatile technicians with diverse backgrounds who bring a can do attitude to all tasks they are assigned to.

We provide comprehensive testing services to local and state governments, construction, environmental, agriculture, oil and gas and the mining sectors on major construction projects through to small construction projects both throughout Australia and overseas.

With over 60 collective years of experience, and with all of our senior management having involvement with every major project in WA over the past 10 years, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, expertise and adaptability within this constantly changing and challenging industry.

“We supply our customers detailed, knowledge-based testing and reporting services using our skilled and versatile technicians with diverse backgrounds”

Why are our testing services superior?


We understand the importance of flexibility in today’s market and pride ourselves on our ability to cater to each of our clients’ needs as individuals in their own right. We feel it is important to not only discuss but listen to exactly what our clients need, work in collaboration to create an individual package that will suit our client’s, and ultimately fulfil your testing requirements.


We feel it is important to offer a diverse range of services to our present and potential future clients. As such we have a substantial scope of testing which we are able to offer, and are continually expanding and adding to. A wider scope provides more serviceability to each of our clients and can also provide massive savings to our client base.


  At Liquid Labs we promote ingenuity. We relish a challenge and thrive on thinking outside the box. We constantly strive to improve in any way we can. Whether this be through thinking on ways in which methods can be improved, ways in which we can keep the clients costs down and solutions to problems in which our clients may be facing no matter how big or small. We work with you in order to overcome these issues.


As a NATA accredited laboratory we pride ourselves on quality. Not only to maintain our NATA accreditation, but quality in what we do and we are as a company.

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